Business meets English
Business meets English

Business meets English is one of the most practical orientated companies in the field of Business English Coaching. We provide high-level training solutions worldwide and strive to set contemporary standards of excellence. That means:

  • High-quality courses with experienced trainers

    (All our teachers are specially qualified in teaching English as a foreign language)

  • Courses that are individually adjusted to the company`s requirements

  • Ensuring successful completion

  • Inhouse – Trainings for low-cost and cost–effective planning

  • Small groups max. 10 people

  • Course duration: 10 – 25 lessons (depending on previous knowledge)

During the last 4 years we have been developing special courses to improve your employee`s business communication skills. These courses can be divided into several parts covering special topcis:

  • General Language Course (for beginners)

  • Premium Course (Advanced to Professionals)

  • Business English Lessons for Professionals (negotiating, team leading according to intercultural aspects etc.)


  • Business meets English was founded in 2011 by Sylvia Fissel. After a few years of working at University Hospital Münster she decided to focus on the field of business English coaching mainly with practical orientated and time-effective courses. As a foreign language correspondent and with an exam at Chamber of Crafts as businesswomen for economics she absolutely understands the customer`s requirements.



Business meets English

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